How to Access Traffic Camera Footage in Long Island

Traffic Camera Recording the Road

To bring a successful claim for car accident injuries, you’ll need strong evidence showing that someone else was to blame for the crash. If you are fortunate enough to obtain it, traffic camera footage can be some of the most convincing evidence to support your claim.

Accessing and securing this footage can be challenging, and you’ll likely need the help of a legal professional to obtain it. That’s just one way the Long Island car accident lawyers at Finz & Finz, P.C. can help with your injury claim. We have extensive experience investigating car accident claims and possess the legal prowess to help you get your hands on vital evidence.

If you hire us to represent you, our attorneys will handle every aspect of your case for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries instead of the legal requirements to pursue a successful claim. Contact us today for a free consultation – you can speak with one of our attorneys to see how we can help.

How Can Traffic Camera Video Help in My Car Accident Case?

Traffic camera systems were not originally intended to serve as surveillance cameras. Their original purpose was to catch drivers violating traffic laws by running red lights. Despite this, live traffic cameras in Long Island can provide valuable evidence that might benefit your claim in certain situations.

For instance, if you are hit by another driver who collided with you as they ran a red light, the traffic cameras at the intersection may have recorded the accident. Even if the recordings don’t show the exact moment of impact, they can still be helpful in showing the seconds before the crash and what the scene of the accident looked like after the impact. Even with limited video footage, our law firm can engage an expert to digitally recreate the accident to demonstrate how the accident occurred. Accordingly, video footage can go a long way toward proving fault for the accident.

Can I Access Long Island Traffic Camera Footage?

If you’re looking to obtain traffic camera footage from NYS traffic cameras as evidence for your claim, don’t be surprised if you encounter some significant hurdles along the way. Unless you have consulted with a skilled car accident attorney, the government agency that operates the traffic cameras will probably give you the run-around. While you can request the footage yourself, most bureaucracies will not be quick to help you, especially if you don’t have legal representation.

There are very few resources that allow everyday civilians to access traffic camera footage. When you speak to the state, they might instruct you to visit However, this site isn’t particularly helpful and often doesn’t have a live camera feed. Even if you track down the correct camera, you might only be able to access live footage rather than find any recorded footage that could help you.

Another commonly cited resource is Transcom. Transcom connects 16 different transportation and public safety departments in the New York area and beyond. Unfortunately, Transcom doesn’t permit private citizens to access past traffic camera recordings, only live footage.

Traffic camera footage may also be accessible through New York’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), by sending specific requests to the appropriate local government agencies.

Because it can be challenging to know where to turn and nearly impossible to get your hands on the recorded footage, it is critical to retain a seasoned car accident lawyer who knows how to navigate bureaucracy and can secure the evidence you need.

How Can I Access Long Island Traffic Camera Footage?

If you were involved in an accident, you could obtain the traffic footage if you act quickly. You will probably need to go through an attorney (unless you work in law enforcement) to get the footage you need.

It’s also important to recognize that footage from traffic light cameras in Long Island isn’t the only type of valuable surveillance video. Many businesses, office buildings, and other public areas have CCTV systems. So do many private homes. If the accident occurred in proximity to a building with CCTV, you could contact the home or business owners and request the footage. If the owners give you a hard time, you could get an attorney involved.

Additionally, ATM cameras sometimes record car accidents. If your accident occurred in front of an ATM, you might consider contacting the appropriate banking institution to find out if you can get a copy of the footage. Other sources for traffic footage include videos taken by onlookers at the time of the crash and dash-cams.

Because it is so complicated to cut through the red tape of different transportation departments, you should be sure to ask your attorney about other potential sources of surveillance footage. However, you should take steps to secure the footage as soon as possible because recording cameras often overwrite old data. For instance, if you hope to secure CCTV footage from a privately-owned business, they may have overwritten the footage if you wait more than a few days, though each business will have its own video recordkeeping policy.

How Long Do New York Cameras Store Traffic Footage?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how long a specific camera will store footage, as it varies by camera. Some Long Island traffic cameras only store footage for 24 hours, and most publicly-owned cameras don’t store video for more than three days, at a maximum. If you have been involved in a crash near a traffic camera, you should contact the agency that controls the cameras in that area right away so they can take steps to preserve the footage.

Acquiring the footage may not be easy. That’s why you should immediately consult with an attorney who can expedite the process and ensure you get the evidence you need if it exists.

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