When a Caregiver Causes Injury or Death


The release of Jackie Hance’s memoir, “I’ll See You Again” has brought a tragic accident back into the forefront relaying the story of the accident that claimed the lives of Hance’s three young girls. While meant to embrace the legacy that their short-lived lives promised, the girls were killed in an accident when Hance’s sister-in-law drove the wrong way on a divided highway in New York. We’re reminded again about driving under the impairment of drugs and alcohol, and we’re left wondering what happens when our children are in the care of another person.

Many of us are faced with the situation of leaving our children in a day care center, with a personal in-home babysitter, or a family member, whether it is for a long period of time, or for just a few hours while we enjoy some alone time. We eagerly seek the best daycare center for our children, and trust that the center has met qualifications and guidelines. But, do we do the same when our child is in the care of a close family friend or relative? More than likely we don’t think to outline the rules and regulations of caring for our children when we leave them with someone we trust. Regardless of what age or relation the babysitter, here are some items to consider or implement the next time you drop your child off in the care of another person:

  • Will the caregiver be travelling at all with your child?. Will the travel take place during the day or the evening? If so, be sure that the car has a car seat—better yet, install your own car seat in the car.
  • Insist that the caregiver not drink while caring for your child.
  • Does the caregiver have insurance for extra passengers in the car?
  • Will your child be staying overnight at the residence of the caregiver, and are there appropriate sleeping accommodations for all children and adults?
  • Does the caregiver have a dog? Dog bite injuries are prevalent among small children. Regardless of how kind the family dog can be, a dog’s personality can turn in a second.

While most often we trust the caregivers of our children, we must also take some precautions to ensure that our children are in the hands of someone who has the same priorities as we do. No one watches our kids the way we do, and when there is no other choice but to have someone else care of your child, it’s good practice to implement the care giving techniques we know for our own protection and that of our children.

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