Upcoming Fall Breaks: Protecting Yourself on Vacation


Fall break and the holiday season will soon be upon us as we make plans to visit family and friends. In other areas around the country, conventions take place in big cities like New York, Phoenix and Las Vegas. When the environment is a bit more free and inhibitions are down, vacations prove to be a heavy time for accidents. What are some of the accidents that can occur while you are on a well-deserved vacation or mandatory business trip, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Accidents while we are out of town and on vacation come in many forms. Recent headlines reported stories of a British tourist who lost her leg only hours after arriving in New York for a vacation. That tragedy may demonstrate an extreme case, but we see slip and fall cases all the time when people trip over rugs in airports or hotels, and we sadly hear of drownings at hotels or beaches, and other recreation accidents around water. Vacations afford us the time to let down our guards, engage in new activities and take us away from the every day restrictions and impositions of our everyday life. We engage in overeating, overdrinking and longer hours to play and stay up. Our inhibitions are less guarded and our judgment is non-existent. Here are some of the things to take into consideration when you are on vacation:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Remember that you are in an unfamiliar place, and your sense of judgment or sensibility can fall by the wayside.
  • Be cautious when crossing the street or hailing a taxi. If you live in an otherwise quiet neighborhood or town, you may not be used to the heavy traffic and fast-paced life that is found in the bigger cities. Cars are faster and taxi drivers believe the locals are paying attention. You don’t want to be in the line of impact when a car skips the curb.
  • When by the pool, watch for others. Decks can be slippery, people are drinking and not paying attention, and horseplay occurs. Don’t assume that there is someone paying attention to everything that is going on. Many hotels post “swim at your own risk” and “no diving in shallow water” signs.
  • Watch yourself around stairs, elevators and escalators. All those areas can prove to be areas for accidents when you or others are not paying attention.

If you are injured on the property of a hotel you could have a case of premises liability on your hands depending on the situation, the scenario and the outcome. If this happens and you are injured, it is best to seek the assistance of an attorney who can prepare you for a solid case and help you seek justice so you will have many more vacations to come.

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