Unlicensed Contractors Can Pose Health and Safety Risks


Using a licensed contractor is a way for homeowners and other builders to have some recourse if mistakes are made during construction. The process of getting a license ensures a certain level of liability insurance is maintained, and many municipalities document which contractors work on which projects so there is a paper trail in case of problems. But it is not only the people paying for the project who are at risk if a licensed contractor is not used.

Construction work can be hard to come by, and many workers may feel forced to take whatever jobs are available, lacking the time to ensure that any given contractor they work for is properly licensed and bonded. This is especially true for workers providing services under a subcontractor situation. Unfortunately, contractors who lack license often either cut corners to save money in order to have a lower bid, or cannot get a license due to previous infractions.

Unlicensed contractors trying to save money often put their employees at greater risk of injury. One of the easiest ways to cut budget is to ignore safety protocols, as masks and helmets cost money. Another opportunity to cut corners is to use inferior materials, or to recycle materials that have been pulled from other projects. In cases where old wiring is used, the risk of electrocution is much higher, particularly if there is any fraying.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a construction accident, determining the status of the contractor is important, as is determining whether proper safety protocols were followed. Please consider speaking with a qualified lawyer about your case. An experienced attorney will know how to guide you through the process of ensuring that everything that could be done was done to prevent the accident.

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