Twisters and Sandstorms—They Come Without Warning


We’ve heard and experienced recent reports and incidents of tornados and twisters devastating towns and schools in Oklahoma and Texas. On the tails of those natural disasters are extreme winds and dust, producing sandstorms that create multi-vehicle pileups and leave others dead. In Nevada recently, 26 vehicles were forced to slam into each other on Interstate 80 when unbearable driving and weather conditions occurred as a result of an extreme sandstorm. This was a sandstorm accident so severe that just about every medical, law enforcement and fire worker in the area were called in to respond to the multitude of injuries.

Sandstorms are caused when strong winds blow over loose soil or sand, often so fierce that visibility is limited. Sandstorms are violent and unpredictable and, in some cases, create a mound of sand so forceful and cloudy that it knocks over everything in its path. Add that to the minuscule particles floating in the air that clog human airways and make it hard to breathe, and it is no surprise that driving in Nevada that day became a huge challenge.

If you have been travelling and find that a sandstorm is looming without much time to get off the road, here are some tips you may find useful to avoid any injury or accidents.

  • Many people keep masks in their car due to extreme allergies and other weather conditions. If you have one, put one on.
  • Pull over and turn off all hazards, taillights, rear lights and blinkers. As in a violent rain or snowstorm, others will follow light in their path, and you could become an easy target if your lights seem to “lead the way” for other drivers.
  • If you are in your car, close the vents, roll up the windows and stay in your car. Wear your mask or other protection across your eyes and mouth.
  • Be prepared if you live near areas where warnings occur. If you are forced to travel on certain days and you know the sandstorm is coming, you can plan your trip around the alerts or possibly make it to your destination before the storm takes hold. If not, pay attention to the media alerts regarding traffic and those on the road.

Multi-vehicle pileups in the case of sandstorms are disastrous, and you could find yourself a victim of one. If you have been injured due to a multi-vehicle accident in the wake of a natural disaster or sandstorm, there are many at fault and the fingers will point to everyone. If this is the case, you will want to see the assistance of an attorney who can handle your car accident case working with your best interests in mind.

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