Trip and Fall Accident: It Happens to Everyone


You’re afraid to tell anyone. Everyone will just assume you were clumsy, or old, or not paying attention. So you don’t mention it, coming up with some flimsy excuse for how you hurt your hand or your back. You don’t want people to think badly of you. You let your embarrassment win out over your good sense.

But falls can happen to anyone, including some of the most talented athletes in the world. Rajon Rondo recently fell and broke his hand trying to catch himself. No one would notice if it happened to most people. But Rondo isn’t most people. Rondo is the starting point guard for the Boston Celtics, and a multiple time All-Star at his position. There’s no way he doesn’t have good balance or isn’t in good shape. Still, it happened to him. It happens to everyone.

There’s no reason to hide the real reason you were injured, especially when the real reason might not be what you suspect. The next time you trip and fall, don’t just assume it was your fault, hang your head, and hurry away. Check your surroundings to see if there was something else that made you fall. After all, the next person walking that same path could be injured the same way. Possible causes of trips and falls can include:

  • Uneven surfaces, including mislaid tile or sidewalk
  • Loose or slippery stairs
  • Wet spots or spills
  • Torn or bulging spots in carpets
  • Items on the surface that you might have tripped over

Trips and falls are often the result of another person’s negligence, not any fault of your own. And, all too often the negligent person will refuse to acknowledge a problem unless the proper pressure is placed on them, and they certainly won’t repair the problem until someone makes them. If you have tripped and the fall has caused injury, it is in your best interest to make sure that another person doesn’t suffer the same fate. Please, don’t be embarrassed and contribute to the problem by not saying anything. Contact a qualified attorney to help you determine the best course of action.

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