Tornadoes: Not Just in Kansas


Earlier in May, a devastating tornado touched ground in a small town in Texas, killing eight people and leaving many more without homes. Shortly after, two major tornadoes hit Oklahoma, leaving even more devastation behind. Natural disasters occur often and sometimes to the point where those living in the area or surrounding areas fail to pay attention to their own safety. They “ride out the storm” or “stick it out” only to either wake up in a land of devastation or find themselves without home, car or family. In the wake of these recent tornados, what are some of the precautions that can be taken next time nature takes its course?

When meteorologists can predict a major natural disaster, the media and surrounding areas are made aware of the conditions in advance so that they can pass on the safety precautions to residents. Regardless of whether you think there will be damage, or whether it will interfere with your plans for a weekend celebration or yard work, a good piece of advice is to pay attention to the media. The number one tip for combating a natural disaster is to listen to the alert systems and take proper cover or evacuate the area. Here are some tornado safety tips:

  • Evacuate the area if you have time to do so, and try to avoid waiting until the last possible minute.
  • Take cover under a table, in a bathtub or in a storm cellar if you find that you have had no time to prepare.
  • Take proper care of your pets and animals, depending on what type they are. Some may need to stay close, others may need to run from the scene.
  • Stay away from any glass windows.

Should you find yourself the victim of tornado devastation, you will want to file an insurance claim quickly and have a representative come to your residence to determine the level of claim compensation for which you qualify. Your New York attorney can help you with filing the claim and provide you with some assistance that will serve you best.

OSHA offers a page on Tornado Preparedness and Safety that offers more insight to tornados, their causes and prevention. If you live in an area where tornados have occurred, the more information you have the better your future will be a safe one.

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