Tis the Season for Snow Related Accidents


Fall is coming to a close and winter is descending across the country. Frigid temperatures will keep many people home during the cold months, but there are those who love to brave the elements to have a little fun. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowmobiling are all popular pastimes during the coldest months of the year.

Getting ready to ski, snowboard, or sled can be a simple process, especially when it comes to making sure the equipment is safe. A reasonably quick inspection will reveal any major problems with a snowboard or sled. But when it comes time to snowmobile, it is important that you make sure the vehicle is safe before using it each year. Snowmobiles are capable of high rates of speed, and an accident on a snowmobile can be devastating.

Before embarking on your first snowmobile excursion of the season, make sure you:

  • Check the oil filter and spark plugs, and change the spark plugs and oil if necessary
  • Ensure the headlights and tail lights are functioning properly and are bright enough for you to see and for others to see you
  • Ensure the brakes are functioning properly
  • Check the skis, track, and steering to make sure there are no signs of wear or breakage
  • Do some quick research to make sure there are no known problems with your model of snowmobile

Snowmobiling can be a fantastically fun activity, but there is some danger whenever you pull on your helmet and go for a ride. Proper maintenance and inspections lower the likelihood of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, many accidents are outside your control, such as if you are struck by another rider or if an unforeseeable mechanical defect causes you to crash. This is where proper research is so important. An internet search might reveal others have suffered accidents while riding the same model of snowmobile.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a snowmobile accident, and the accident was caused by another rider or a defect in the machine, contact an experienced attorney. There are other riders currently using those same models who might suffer the same fate if no one takes the time to make it clear that some models are unsafe.

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