Taking Risks at a Water Park


Water parks can be a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. Offering slides, pools, and other attractions, water parks offer family fun as well as opportunities for teenagers and young adults to spend time with their friends.

There are certain safety precautions most parents will take before allowing their child to go to a water park. The most obvious of these is ensuring the child can swim. Though there are many activities that do not require swimming, such as wading pools and even some slides, swimming is necessary to fully participate at these amusement parks.

But even with proper precautions and training, accidents happen at water parks all the time. The National Institutes of Health provides useful information regarding what types of accidents are most common at water parks. The most common accidents to occur include:

  • 31.5 percent of injuries occurring on water slides
  • 21.9 percent of injuries occurring in pools
  • 46.6 percent of injuries being slip and fall injuries due to wet surfaces

Injuries suffered at water parks can be significant and even fatal. Head trauma, facial trauma, and spinal trauma all occur as a result of water park injuries. Parents should be aware of these risks and caution their children about safe play. Doing all you can to ensure that your children follow the rules of the park can go a long way towards preventing an accident.

But awareness is not always enough. Sometimes the park fails to institute adequate safety measures, and injuries occur despite the best planning and practices. If you have been injured, or know of someone who has been injured at water or other amusement parks, determining what to do can be difficult. Entrusting in the assistance of a firm with a history of successful amusement park settlement cases can help you sleep more easily at night.

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