Symptoms and Diseases May Take Years to Appear


The history of America is filled with horror stories of people dying due to exposure to toxic substances. In some cases, such as Mesothelioma from asbestos, the cause and effect was clear. The small fibers from asbestos damaged lung tissue, causing the development of cancers. Lung cancer from cigarettes was slightly more difficult to establish, in part due to the fact that some smokers never developed the disease.

In many cases, the exposure was not even evident, as with lead paint and lead pipes. The dangers of lead exposure were particularly insidious, as long-term learning disabilities are more difficult to pinpoint than cancers. In the case of carcinogens such as those in Roundup and talcum powder, the amount of exposure necessary to cause disease was difficult to determine.

The most recent case being reported in the news is dozens of people in a neighborhood in West Hanover all developing brain tumors. It is well-established that the neighborhood adjoined areas with high environmental pollution, but determining the exact cause of the devastating diseases could take time or prove impossible. Science is not always able to establish a clear cause and effect, but when pockets of disease exist, there is usually a cause.

For those suffering a disease such as cancer, figuring out whether or not the disease was cause by environmental factors can be difficult. Knowing whether you are part of a cluster takes time, as other people must receive their diagnosis, and either medical professionals or local concerned citizens must notice the potential link. By then, it might be too late.

If you or someone you love has suffered from cancer or another long-term health issue, and you believe there may be environmental factors, reaching out to experts and experienced lawyers can help you further research as to the cause of your disease. Please consider consulting with qualified attorney about your case.

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