Supervision Key for Camp Safety


Summer camp is a time-honored tradition in many families. Growing up, many parents spent days or weeks away at camp, and now those parents wish for their children to get those same opportunities. Day camps are an option for children not yet able to spend the night away from family, and overnight camps can be a great opportunity for kids to learn new skills and develop friendships.

When a parent sends their kid to camp, the camp is being entrusted with the safety of that child. Parents can expect a reasonable level of supervision, appropriate to the age and abilities of the children supervised. Younger kids require high levels of constant supervision, where teenagers might be allowed more latitude.

There are certain areas where lack of supervision can be particularly dangerous at camps, including:

  • Around lakes and other bodies of water, where properly trained lifeguards are a must
  • On hikes, where children might encounter animals and plants that pose significant health risks
  • Around the campfire, particularly with younger children
  • When dealing with trained animals, such as horses
  • When training a child on archery or other dangerous games or activities

Failure to provide proper oversight drastically increases the risk of something going terribly wrong. Though some accidents are unpreventable, most of the time proper supervision by well-trained staff can allow intervention to take place before someone is seriously injured.

If your child suffered an accident at camp, please reach out to an experienced lawyer. A qualified lawyer can ensure a proper investigation takes place, and can help you determine whether proper safety protocols were in place and followed. Negligent supervision poses risks to future children who attend the camp, unless policies are changed and better safety precautions are installed and followed going forward.

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