Stryker Femoral Caps Fail at Alarming Rate


Longevity is key for a successful hip implant. Because every revision surgery carries risks of bone deterioration or infection, limiting the number of times the implant must be replaced over the life of the patient is important. Manufacturers have sought to improve durability by trying different materials, including ceramics and metals, in a quest to make a longer-lasting product.

With competing makes and models of femoral caps on the market, choosing the right one is difficult. Most patients will simply follow doctor recommendations, or go with what the insurance will cover. Few people have the time and energy to delve too deeply into their options. Unfortunately, it is becomingly increasingly clear that not all of those options are created equal.

The Stryker V40 Femoral Head has been under various recalls and guidances for years now due to a variety of issues, including:

  • Femoral head detachment
  • Excessive breakdown and metal debris
  • Restriction of movement in the joint

All of these reasons are sufficient to require revision surgery. Though restriction of movement is a quality of life issue rather than a clear danger to the patient’s health, it is a significant enough quality of life issue to justify replacing the implant. The other issues pose major health risks and may require a new implant as soon as possible.

Determining whether or not a new implant is indicated can be an arduous process. Doctors may run a variety of tests, including some blood tests to determine the degree to which the metal debris is systemically affecting the body. If there is not significant pain or other symptoms, some surgeons may encourage the patient to make do.

If you or someone you love has suffered unnecessarily due to a faulty femoral cap or other implant, it is important to recognize that many of these products are defective by design. Holding manufacturers responsible for their failures is the only way to force change in the medical industry. Please contact an experienced attorney about your case.

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