Spike in Child Pool Deaths


A ten percent spike in toddler drowning deaths shows 420 deaths in 2015 to 462 deaths in 2016. Though toddlers and children can drown in any body of water, no matter how small, the vast majority of these deaths are linked to swimming pools.

Improperly fencing and gating a pool is the single biggest risk factor for drowning. Though a puddle of water can be the site of a drowning, most children are able to safely remove themselves from small bodies of water simply by standing or crawling. But a child who falls into a swimming pool is less likely to emerge on their own power.

In addition to fencing pools, there are other measures a parent can take to reduce the likelihood of drowning. Swimming lessons can be the difference between life and death for a small child. Proper supervision is also key, and there should always be an adult in the pool area. Remote video monitoring can also be a life-saving resource for parents, as modern cameras can alert a remote user of movement in the pool area.

Parents can take every step possible to minimize these risks and still lose a child to drowning, particularly if other adults fail to do their part. Even if no children live in the residence, pools should be properly fenced, as neighbor children may wander onto the property.

If someone you love has suffered due to a child drowning, it is important to make that person aware of their rights and the responsibilities of others to make pool areas as childproof as possible. An experienced attorney can advise those who have suffered as to how to proceed with their case.

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