Snowmobile Accidents: Winter Is Just Around the Corner!


The season for snowmobiling is just starting, and snowmobile accidents are no stranger in extreme weather states like Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin and Colorado. Snowmobiles, while enticing and fun for many, can cause accidents that result in permanent brain damage, severed limbs, concussions and many, many broken bones. In worst case scenarios, some snowmobilers take to the slopes in extreme weather conditions, and their bodies are never recovered from the scene of an accident as snow continues to pile up and accumulate for the remainder of the season.

Snowmobiles are generally easy to maneuver, consisting of a four-seated device with skis, designed to operate on snow and thick ice. These vehicles come in handy during rescue operations, and they’re equipped to travel in areas that others only view from afar. But snowmobiles have also recently gained popularity for amateurs and those involved in winter sports games. What types of situations cause snowmobile accidents and what can you do to prevent one from happening to you?

As with any winter sport, collisions rank high among snowmobile accidents. Collisions with trees, vehicles, and other snowmobiles are caused when drivers use excessive speed, are intoxicated or lack proper training. As with any moving vehicle, proper operation is a necessity, but not everyone takes heed to this important factor. They think they are automatically safe—how hard can it be? Here’s how you can do your part in ensuring your own safety and that of others on the slopes.

  • Stay on all marked trails. Unless you are a professional emergency responder, staying on the course that is clearly marked is your best bet.
  • Never operate a snowmobile while intoxicated or impaired with other drugs, or if you are in a state of extreme fatigue.
  • Wear proper clothing that allows you to be clearly seen, and make sure you have appropriate gear for the weather and conditions.
  • Avoid driving alone. Snowmobiles are equipped to handle more than one person so take advantage of that. If you do travel alone, let someone know the route you will be taking.

If you are involved in a snowmobile accident, be sure that you enlist the advice and counsel of a Manhattan law firm who specializes in accidents of this type. Snowmobiling can be enjoyed when proper precautions are taken to ensure the safety for all.

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