School Injuries: Not Limited to the Playground


In a sad turn of events, we hear more often than not of shootings taking place in and around schools all over the country. Long gone are the days where we worry about our child falling off a piece of playground equipment; now we worry that the injury that day could end up so much worse than we ever imagined. Aside from sitting next to our child every second of the way on the school bus to and from school, we know what we must place a certain amount of trust in the instructors and protectors of our children. Government rules and regulations come into the forefront with the debate and controversy surrounding school related violence. What can you do in the mean time to ensure your children are protected?

  • Make sure your school has a trauma plan or emergency crisis plan in place. Are the teachers trained in case of an emergency of any kind?
  • Be aware of how close your school is to a protection agency like a fire department or police department. While responding to a scene is their number one priority, the closer the school is to the incident, the easier it might be to respond. Even better is that the proximity and closeness might make it less appealing for that school to be targeted.
  • Teach your small children the value of self-protection skills if they encounter someone who is threatening.
  • Show your children how to dial 9-1-1, and how not to panic in a situation where they may feel scared.
  • Find out what your state’s policy is on gun control; become active if this is a passion of yours to protect others from school related violence.

While school related violence is a much broader issue with many, many more pieces of research, it is a sad fact that violence continues to occur in schools all over the country. Keeping children safe is our goal as parents; doing what we can to protect them in even the most horrendous of circumstances is something of which we can be proud.

If your child has been injured due to school related violence, your life will never be the same as you continue to deal with the aftermath and questions that consume your days. The support of a New York attorney on your side will be a first step in the right direction to finding peace.

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