Roundup Risk Since 1974


Society has gotten better at discovering problematic products more quickly. Where tobacco and nicotine were responsible for hundreds of thousands of cancer and COPR deaths over centuries, the negative health effects of modern creations are usually evident much more quickly. Dangerous products can be pulled from shelves within a matter of months after people begin to link dangerous side effects.

Despite the progress in these matters, some products have remained on shelves for decades, even while resulting in hundreds or even thousands of illnesses and deaths. Recently, talcum powder has been shown to pose risks to women who use the product for years. And Roundup weed killer has now been demonstrated to be linked to dozens of cases of cancer since its introduction in 1974.

For a dangerous product to remain readily available for 45 years is alarming. Equally alarming is the way many people were exposed to this cancer-causing substance. For those who worked in maintenance at schools or other facilities with large lawns, using large quantities of Roundup was all but required. Businesses were in the dark on the dangers of the product they were mandating their employees use.

Work was not the only danger zone associated with this weed killer. Many people used Roundup at home, assured that it was safe, and that rumors linking it to cancer were simply untrue. But as more and more people exposed to Glyphosate developed otherwise rare cancers, it became harder and harder to deny the connection.

If you or someone you love has developed cancer after exposure to Roundup or other Glyphosate based defoliants, it is important you make your disease known. Until a critical mass of cases force their hand, companies will continue to develop and market these dangerous substances. Please consult with a lawyer about your case.

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