Recovery Facilities Failing to Provide Proper Patient Oversight


A report in USA Today is drawing attention to dangerous practices in alcohol and drug recovery facilities across the country. As the opioid epidemic continues to ravage America, more and more for-profit facilities have sprung up to address the needs of people looking to detox and quit their dangerous addictions for good.

New York alone has hundreds of these facilities, all operating with various degrees of credentialing and oversight. Though many if not most of these organizations provide quality care, the consequences of failure can be significant, including the death of patients. The recovery community is vulnerable to neglect, as some Americans are not sympathetic to these individuals, believing they have brought their problems on themselves.

Detox is perhaps the most dangerous time for an alcoholic or addict. Though deaths during detoxification from opioids are rare, alcohol detox has been implicated in multiple deaths through the years. One of the most important elements these centers must be aware of is the medical fragility of some of the patients. People who have been using drugs for years often suffer from malnutrition and other underlying health issues.

These health issues remain even after detoxification, and proper dietary and mental health care should be provided. Unfortunately, many of the same problems with elder care facilities exist in this sphere as well, as higher profits can be attained by cutting back on proper counseling and other services.

If you or someone you love suffered from neglect while in a recovery center or other therapeutic environment, it is important to remember that so long as these facilities are able to get away with poor treatment, they will continue to put people at risk. Please consider consulting with an experienced attorney about holding recovery centers responsible for proper oversight of patient health.

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