Reckless Driving: Taking it to the Limit


Americans want to get where they’re going, and many people don’t like speed limits that seem too low. Anything less than 45 miles per hour is seen by many as an insult to their ability to control their vehicle. There are millions of drivers who think that, even at higher speeds, they are capable of braking in time.

This mindset is understandable. No one wants to be on the roads any longer than they have to. Getting where you are going quickly is the whole point of driving. But there are times when lower speed limits are particularly appropriate. Lower speed limits are most commonly associated with:

  • Residential zones, which often have speed limits of 35 or 25 mph
  • Winding roads, particularly in mountainous areas, where low speeds are necessary due to constant turning
  • School zones, which by law must have speed limits no higher than 25 mph, but are frequently 15 mph
  • Areas with limited visibility

Posted school zones are particularly frustrating to certain drivers, as the speed limit might be enforced all day even when students are not using the crosswalk. What drivers don’t take into account when they are frustrated by these low speed limits is that even a low speed collision can do serious damage, a point made painfully clear by a tragedy in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Parents were picking up their children on December 10th when a five year old girl got away from her mother and stepped in front of a pickup truck. There is no way to know the speed the pickup was traveling when impact was made, but it was fast enough to kill the child. Drivers need to remember just how fragile children are, and that school zones and residential zones have low speed limits for a reason. Rate of speed is a factor in a large percentage of accidents.

If someone you love has been injured in a car accident, and you believe speeding or other reckless driving may have played a part in causing the crash, please contact an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer will know the right questions to ask to determine the cause of the accident, and can advise you on how to proceed in proving your case.

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