Rear-Enders: The Collision That Happens all the Time


With all the distractions coming at drivers in various forms, it’s no surprise that rear-end collisions and car accidents are still among some of the most common motor vehicle accidents we encounter. As drivers, we have to drive even more defensively than ever before. We constantly look in our rear view mirrors when driving to make sure the other driver is paying full attention. Many states are beginning to implement laws that impose fines for texting and cell phone use while driving. Multitasking is even more difficult when driving is one of the tasks we try to juggle.

It’s estimated that 2.5 million people are injured in rear-end accidents annually. Rear-end car accidents can cause damages from minor bumps to horrific scenarios. A rear-end car impact from other vehicle can cause an explosion to the target car, can cause the front car to propel into the road only to be hit by another car, and can cause damages that range from whiplash to severe back and neck injuries to people being thrown against or through a windshield. Because of the impact of another vehicle upon your vehicle, head and neck injuries are very common when it comes to rear-end vehicle accidents. Impact from the front and back can cause multiple injuries and extensive damages to your body and your car. We don’t even want to think about the children who may or may not be properly seated in the vehicle. What can you do to protect yourself on the road so you are not an accident victim involved in a rear-end accident?

  • Check that your side view and rear view mirrors are properly adjusted. It’s a good practice to make this a habit every time you get into your car.
  • Pay attention to your own driving actions. If you are on the cell phone or texting someone, you are less likely to see a quickly approaching vehicle.
  • Ensure that your brakes and any taillights are in working order. Have your vehicle checked and inspected very few months.
  • If you sense someone approaching you quickly from behind, you can tap your brakes a few times to alert them that you are in front, or to warn them to slow down.
  • Always be sure children are appropriately strapped in the vehicle. Children should never ride in the front seat until age limitations allow them to be seated there.

If you have been injured in a rear-end collision, you’ll want to seek the advice of a New York law firm who is renowned for settling personal injury cases.

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