Racing on the Streets: Never a Good Idea


Car accidents come in all forms from those who are texting and not paying attention, to those who are blinded by an obstruction in the roadway or the sun in the sky, to making an improper pass of another vehicle, to drag racing on streets that are not equipped to handle traffic by drivers who are less than well-trained professionals. Drag racing on city streets involves drivers who are generally at a rival with each other, trying to show off who can carry the greater speed. There are several problems with drag racing: it is unregulated, there is other traffic in the way, and there is no one to tell the drivers what lies ahead as they make their way through the streets while not paying attention to anyone else.

What can you do if you spot inappropriate road behavior by others who are taking to the streets unsafely?

  • The first thing to do is to stay out of the way or pull over immediately.
  • Call 9-1-1 to report the unsafe behavior on the road. It is best if you have some identifiable location points to communicate to the responder.
  • Flash your own hazards, if possible, to alert others of conditions on the roadway.
  • Stay as far back as possible if you encounter any drivers who are engaging in unsafe behavior.
  • Do not try to outdrive them or beat them to their destination. Adding one more car in the mix can be lethal.
  • Don’t “egg on” or taunt the person, use obscene gestures, or yell out your window. You could find yourself in the middle of a fight or conflict that could lead to even greater danger.

Drag racing and inappropriate driving can cause fatalities, both to the driver of one or both cars, as well as to anyone in their way and other drivers on the road. Because of the high rates of speed of the cars, the imposing dangers are even more critical than ever. Other cars are unable to get out of the way, traffic signals are dismissed as speeding cars blow through signal and lights, and others on the road are forced to drive more defensively than ever.

If you have been involved in a car accident that was caused by inappropriate behavior by other drivers who were clearly at fault, you could have a personal injury case on your hands. A situation like this is best handled by a New York attorney who can help you seek justice for your situation.

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