Protecting Yourself in Stormy Weather


We cannot always stay indoors when inclement weather comes our way. Some of us drive in weather like this on such a routine basis that we take our travel for granted with the basic skills needed for driving in a snowstorm or rainstorm. We know we must remain focused on the task of driving. But, sometimes we’re thrown a curve ball when we encounter other effects of storms that impede our driving ability, or detours us from the route we would normally take. What are some other incidents that could occur as a result of stormy or windy weather conditions?

While the number one rule of prevention is not to go out at all in a severe rainstorm or snowstorm, we know that there are times when we just have to go to work, to the store, or to the hospital. We are not always able to stay inside; we are forced to drive in conditions that pose many types of dangerous situations. In these cases, defensive driving is the best bet. Here are some instances you may come across during your journey:

  • downed trees and power lines
  • slick and puddled roads
  • landslides that occur without warning
  • non-operating traffic lights and signals
  • lack of visibility from fog, rain or snow

Should you encounter any of the above conditions while driving, it is best to remain driving very slowly with your lights on and brightly lit. If you do need to pull of the road, be sure to turn your lights off as other cars may be following you and hit you from behind. If you have a cell phone, keep it charged in the car while you are driving, and call for help if you encounter any emergencies that put you and others in danger.

Public workers and agencies work diligently to clean the road, restore power, move fallen trees, and divert traffic. But sometimes those responsibilities don’t come quick enough before someone is injured or hurt in the process. If you have been injured due to a non-responsive agency or lack of ability for them to fix the problem that occurred during a storm, you may have a case for negligence in your future. Enlisting the advice and counsel of New York law firm who is known for settling cases is the first place to start.

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