Proper Post-Accident Protocol Lowers Risk of Chain Reaction Accidents


Keeping calm after a car accident is extremely difficult. The rush of adrenaline, coupled with a need to survey both your own body and your vehicle for signs of damage, makes it easy to act rashly instead of calmly surveying the situation to minimize the risk of things going even worse. Many things can go wrong after an accident, including being struck be a vehicle while trying to exit your own car, or moving too quickly before realizing the extent of your own injuries.

One important thing to remember when an accident occurs is to not impede the roadway any more than is necessary. When exiting the vehicle, make sure following traffic is not putting you at risk. Avoid the desire to circle your car looking for dents and other damage. This can be done later, when doing so does not put yourself or others at risk. You must get yourself out of the path of traffic as quickly and safely as you can.

A February 11th, 2019 incident underscores the importance of clearing the roadway after an accident. One person was left dead and another critically injured after a six car pileup. Witnesses indicated the chain reaction accident may have been caused by a driver who, after a smaller accident, was attempting to determine the damage to their vehicle by walking around their car. Another possible cause, according to onlookers, was “rubbernecking,” when drivers are distracted by trying to look at damaged vehicles on the roadside instead of paying attention to the traffic in front of them.

f you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident, and the dangerous actions of another person may have been the cause, please consider consulting with a qualifying attorney. People must be held accountable for rubbernecking and other dangerous behaviors that increase the risk of an accident occurring.

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