Preparing for Disaster: How Your New York Attorney Can Assist


Unfortunately we see disaster in all forms at all times: from terrorist attacks to random shootings in a naval shipyard to hurricanes, tornadoes and snowstorms. September deemed itself National Preparedness Month to mark the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11. In follow up, October is the perfect time to remember that preparing for an emergency is never too late.

When dealing with a natural disaster or random attack of violence, it’s difficult to justify the reason or cause, even if we know clearly who is to blame. In some cases, details become more clear like the Boston Marathon bomber, or the naval shipyard shooter. But, other disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes that leave many devastated in their wake can also leave many questions unanswered. Insurance forms are difficult to fill out, and insurance coverage provides various elements of compensation. Who do you turn to when a disaster takes over your life?

Your New York attorney who is known for settling personal injury cases and bringing justice to those who deserve it is the first place to start. There, when you meet with him for the first time after the disaster, he can assist you with the filling out of cumbersome forms and details that may be difficult at times to remember. Any photographs, documentation and recordings of the incident will assist you with your claim and compensation. Was someone involved in the incident (as in the shooter incident), or did someone fail to alert you when disaster was coming? Did improper or unsafe conditions arise that prohibited you from reaching a safe zone? If so, there could be a fault issue at hand if a place of employment did not take proper precautions, or if roads and avenues of communication were not available or did not respond in a timely manner.

When it comes to a natural disaster, agencies like the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the Federal Emergency Management Agency are generally on hand to assist those who need to recover. They, along with many other agencies, suggest that Americans compile a natural disaster preparedness kit or box that will be at the ready should you need it.

Some take extreme precautions by creating shelters under their homes. Others ignore warnings, despite their intensity. When preparing for an impending natural disaster, there are various needs that should be addressed: food, water, air, sleep, hygiene, medicine and more. Keeping those in mind will help you decide what to put in the emergency box or kit. You should choose items like water, toilet paper, first aid, medications (and their prescription numbers) backup battery.

While we never hope that there will be injuries and accidents from someone’s lack of attention or preparedness during the time of a natural disaster, establishing a relationship with your attorney now, rather than later, will also better prepare you for recovering from a disaster when the time comes.

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