Pedestrian vs. Car: Who is to Blame?


Pedestrian versus car accidents occur in many parts of the county, and the number is not dwindling. At first glance either party could be to blame for a tragedy that could have otherwise been avoided. In New York, it is beyond many of us that people take the chances they do when it comes to their own safety. From texting and using cell phones in the car, to texting and using cell phones when walking, the dangers are even more prevalent in a society where distractions are never-ending. Both vehicles and pedestrians must pay attention when it comes to ensuring their own self-safety. But, paying attention is not the only way to keep us safe. Some other common sense applications include:

  • Appropriating the right amount of time to cross the street. Running at the last second could mean the difference between making it to the other side, or running for your life to get out of the way of an oncoming speeding vehicle.
  • Watch and hold hands of children who are with you; small ones can run in a second or become excited, both of which could alter your pace or your path.
  • Pay full attention when walking on the sidewalk or across the street. Many drivers do not pay attention; if they are not looking at you, you want to be paying attention so you can safely make it to the other side.
  • Save texting and talking until you’ve reached the other side. It can wait.

With a push toward preventing pedestrian accidents, certain precincts in New York are urging pedestrians and drivers to pay particular attention for the short time they are on the road. Jaywalking is more pronounced as people tend to cross the road whenever they feel like they should cross the road, and not just in designated crosswalks. In fact, there are rules and regulations that all pedestrians must abide by to ensure their own safety. Three people alone were killed in the aforementioned precincts during the month of January, including a 7-year-old boy and a 74-year-old man. These accidents might have been prevented if someone had been paying attention.

A pedestrian accident can leave someone severely injured or dead. Use common sense when on sidewalks in the vicinity of busy streets. If you or someone you know has been injured in a pedestrian accident in New York or another state, seeking the assistance of an attorney who can best assist your case is the first step you should take to start the process toward compensation.

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