Natural Disasters: Your New York Attorney Can Assist


Wildfires in Arizona that claimed the lives of firefighters over the summer, and recent devastating flooding in Colorado and other parts of the Midwest have left many residents of those areas without homes, without family and without possessions on which they relied on a daily basis. There are insurance claim forms to fill out, personal effects to recover, children to feed, and struggles to engage in some type of normalcy. Dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of a natural disaster can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating, particularly when so many of the insurance companies are pulled in different directions by so many clients. How can you prepare for what you need to do to recover, and who can assist you in the meantime? Chances are you never thought anything like this could happen to you.

Personal injury attorneys and law firms are faced with clients who must deal with recovering from some type of trauma all the time. These firms know what needs to be done to bring justice to the forefront and help a client recover from an injury or accident. They know what it takes to put items in order and have documentation, evidence and photographs necessary for various types of compensation. Here are some ways your New York attorney can help you if you have experienced a recent natural disaster:

  • An attorney can assist you with deciphering the forms you need to fill out in order to submit a claim to your insurance company.
  • Your attorney may be easier to reach than your insurance company in the period of time directly following a natural disaster.
  • Your attorney may be able to answer questions to alleviate any concerns and guide you through the process so your submittal is seamless. (Note: Any insurance advice or questions about your specific policy should always be directed to your insurance provider.)
  • If you have worked with this firm in the past for other issues, he or she may have on file a listing of your personal assets and photographs that accompany those assets as they relate to your estate and estate planning. This may save some time helping you remember what recovery is needed for what items.

While filing an insurance claim is never an easy process, there are some professionals who can help you along the way. Take the advice of someone who has your best interests in mind so you can settle quickly and effectively.

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