Motor Vehicle Accidents: The Dangerous Comfort of Home


When we are out in the community, we tend to be aware of every possible hazard. We pay extra attention to our children, grabbing them by the hand to cross even the smallest span of parking lot. We keep an eye out for people who might have bad intentions, and we keep a close eye on any potential environmental dangers.

We do all these things when we are out and about, but at home we start to let our guard down. We might still remember to keep the electric sockets plugged and the cleaning products locked up, but the constant vigilance wanes with time. A story out of Utah demonstrates the potential danger of this level of comfort.

A toddler was playing in the front yard, being watched by both family and a babysitter, when a favorite relative pulled up across the street. The child had no history of going into the road, so no one was close enough to stop her when she toddled into the street after her aunt. By the time the emergency crews arrived, the child was already dead, struck by a car just in front of her own home.

These types of accidents are far too common, and far too often the family bears all of the blame for not watching. Everybody wants to blame the parents. Of course we must always be careful with our children, but frequently there are other factors that bear on these tragedies, including:

  • Cars traveling much faster than the residential speed limit in residential areas
  • Improper road maintenance leading to difficulties controlling the car while braking
  • Drivers who are too focused on their cell phones or GPS to pay attention to the road in front of them
  • Drivers who are under the influence

Just because you looked away for a split-second doesn’t mean that the person who actually drove the car should get a free pass. It is important that a full investigation take place to determine whether drugs, alcohol, or distraction could have played a key role. The only way to get these answers is through the police, but the police sometimes can’t be bothered. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, please contact a lawyer to help you get the answers you deserve.

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