Manhattan Law Firm Discusses Another Cause of Sepsis


With every passing year, we learn more about sepsis, the terrible disease that kills thousands of people every year. And the more we learn, the more we learn we don’t know. Sepsis remains underdiagnosed, and often the delay in diagnosis leads to death or serious disability.

For a long time doctors have known that certain activities and diseases were associated with sepsis, particularly:

  • Pneumonia, abdominal infection, kidney infection, or blood infection
  • Burns and other major skin contusions
  • Patients who are very young or very old
  • Patients suffering from a disease or condition requiring intubation

Now, a new potential cause of sepsis has been identified, and it is quite unexpected. New studies out of Australia indicate that heavy exercise can contribute to sepsis. The studies were performed on long-distance runners, but experts believe that other forms of intense exercise, such as interval training, might be associated with sepsis. Interval training has become very popular in the United States, meaning many people might be putting themselves at risk for sepsis.

Getting enough exercise is a dream for most people, as finding the time can be all but impossible with a busy schedule. Now it seems that those who find the most time might actually be doing serious damage to themselves. People who participate in intense exercise should be aware of the symptoms of sepsis, just in case. They should also be aware they are more at risk of the disease, so they can tell the doctor if they become ill, rather than relying on the doctor to make a delayed diagnosis.

If you or someone you love suffered from sepsis, it is likely a failure to diagnose contributed to a worse outcome than was necessary. Too many doctors continue to fail to note the symptoms of this devastating disease. Please, if you suffered a bad outcome due to failure to diagnose sepsis, contact an experienced attorney to help you get the money you need to afford the care to which you are entitled.

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