Lawnmower Accidents Can Result in Tragedy and Amputations


Earlier this year, we heard of a child in Florida who was injured when her father accidentally backed over her as she ran out to greet him in the yard. The mother tried to warn the father, and thinking he was going to run into something ahead in his path the father quickly put the mower in reverse not knowing his little girl was behind the mower. In other incidents, children have slipped off while riding a mower and have slipped under while running behind a mower.

Lawnmower accidents are difficult, and often result in amputations or severe disfigurement of arms, hands, feet and legs. Because of the surrounding debris such as rocks, grass, hay or dirt, a lawnmower accident is not easy to treat, as much of that debris combines the wound with the blood and torn muscle or flesh surrounding the affected area. With sharp and jagged blades, the injury becomes even more difficult from which to recover. If you often use a lawnmower to care for your lawn or garden, here are few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Always be sure children are in your sight or out of the area when using a lawnmower
  • Never allow a child to ride on the back of—or in front of—a lawnmower.
  • Before putting the mower in reverse, be sure there are no adults or children behind the vehicle.
  • Update your lawnmower equipment to include a lawnmower that has a lock feature to prevent it from rolling over or moving backwards.
  • Stop the mower immediately if you see a child coming in your direction
  • Because mowers can sometimes cause debris to fly around, be sure anyone is out of range and that you are wearing protective goggles and clothing.

Lawnmower injuries are horrific, and could be caused by several factors. If you have been injured as a result of a lawnmower accident, or know someone who has, you may need to have manufacturer information at the ready, as well as any type of photos and documentation of the accident. Your New York legal counsel will best be able to direct you toward the course of action to settle your case.

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