Investigations are Necessary for Amputation Accidents


There are a variety of injuries which can result in amputation. Though never the first choice for treatment, sometimes there is nothing that can be done to save a limb. In these circumstances, the surgeon will proceed with the amputation in order to save the person’s life.

Amputations continue to be performed on thousands of Americans every year. Soldiers are one of the most common recipients, though individuals with other health risks are also more likely to suffer an amputation than others. Recognizing those health risks is extremely important for medical professionals to reduce the risk of amputation.

Certain injuries are more commonly associated with amputations than others. These injuries include:

  • Difficult to treat infections, including gangrene, peripheral arterial disease, and MRSA
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Severe trauma
  • Cancer

Of these, some are preventable and some are not. If a doctor makes a quick enough diagnosis of peripheral arterial diseases, cancer, or diabetes, there are less invasive methods of treatment that can usually save the limb. Sadly, doctors frequently miss diagnoses that they should make. These missed diagnoses not only cause considerable suffering, but waste millions of dollars in hospital costs and lost wages every year.

Severe trauma is usually not preventable, and is most commonly associated with car accidents, particularly high speed accidents. Drunk driving is a frequent cause of these type of high impact car accidents. In these situations, the faster the medical team responds, the more likely the limb can be saved. Skilled paramedics are key to minimizing the chance of amputation.

If you or someone you love has suffered an amputation, it is important that a proper investigation take place to determine whether or not the amputation was preventable. If a medical professional was responsible, it is important they are held to account for their actions, as otherwise the same mistake might be likely to recur.

Please, if you are unsure as to how to have a proper investigation take place, contact a qualified attorney. An experienced lawyer will know how to proceed, and will make sure that whoever was responsible for the incident is held to account.

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