Injuries at Superstores and Grocery Stores


How safe are you as a consumer? You might think that you do your homework before purchasing a big-ticket item, or that you scrutinize the fine print on any warranties for appliances. But, how safe are you really when you are in the store itself? We don’t often think of protecting ourselves in the store once we are there. After all, the store makes sure that their aisles are free from water and debris, that all products are within a safe reach, and that parking lots are well marked. Right? Think again.

News in one city related the story of a woman who was injured in a local superstore. She had reached for an item on a shelf that was too high for her, and the boxes tumbled down on her face. There are many angles of speculation in a situation like this. How high were the boxes? Were there signs in the area urging consumers to ask for help? Was the woman impaired at all prior to reaching for the boxes? When you are shopping in any store, here are some ways to be safe so that you are not injured like the woman above.

  • Be sure aisles are wide enough for your cart so you don’t bump into someone, or so someone does not bump into you. Many have had feet and toes run over from carts.
  • Never reach for items that are too high or out of your reach. Always ask for assistance, preferably from another store employee rather than another customer.
  • Never stand on lower shelves to reach an item that is too high for you. In addition to tumbling items, that shelf could also collapse under your weight.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the other carts when you are in line. A cart hitting an Achilles tendon is no fun.
  • Watch for and report any aisle spills. Slipping and falling incidents are high, especially in grocery and other superstores.
  • Watch where you are going. It is easy to be distracted by others texting and looking around. People run into each other all the time.

It’s true that we take our safety for granted in a superstore. We generally watch where we are going, and make small talk with those in line with us. But, taking it for granted may mean that an injury is on the horizon. If you have been injured in a superstore, dealing with large corporation could be daunting. Seek the advice of a Manhattan law firm who can help you settle your personal injury case. Make this your first step toward resolution.

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