Ignoring Weather Conditions is Risky Business


A 28-year-old St. Louis native is lucky to be alive after her vehicle was struck by multiple semi-trucks on April 18, 2018. She was driving through Nebraska when an unexpected winter squall set in, limiting visibility to the extent it was no longer safe to drive. She slowed to a safe 30 mph and turned on her hazards, pleased to see other drivers were doing the same.

Unfortunately, many truckers in the area were not as concerned with safety as she was. Failing to account for the change in weather, semis were barreling along the highway. One struck the small passenger vehicle from behind, and then three more struck the car as it flipped multiple times before coming to a rest on the median.

Driving in dangerous weather conditions always requires being cautious, but it is particularly dangerous for operators of large vehicles to maintain a high rate of speed in low visibility. Semis and tractor-trailers have more difficulty steering and braking than smaller vehicles and are less able to maneuver around patches of ice and other debris. Trucks hauling trailers are also much more sensitive to high winds, due to the surface area of the trailer. In heavy winds, a trailer can be tipped or blown off the road entirely, particularly in mountainous areas where the force of the wind can be amplified by changes in elevation. Drivers must account for these changes in conditions and adjust their driving.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, evaluating what role if any the weather may have played in the incident is important. Please, consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case. A qualified lawyer will know the right questions to ask to make sure your case proceeds properly.

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