How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in New York

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A New York car accident can leave you feeling vulnerable. Navigating the complexities of filing a compensation claim and negotiating with an aggressive insurance adjuster can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety during a time when you should be focusing on your recovery. In your head, you know that hiring an experienced New York car accident attorney to handle your claim gives you the best opportunity to recover the compensation you need. Yet, how do you choose a car accident lawyer in New York?

Experienced legal representation can be a game changer in New York car accident claims. The team with Finz & Finz, P.C. wants to help you understand how securing effective legal representation can influence the outcome of your situation after a car accident. We also want to help you choose the right lawyer to help you manage your New York car accident claim.  

Why You Need a Lawyer After an Accident 

New York is a no-fault insurance state, meaning you turn to your insurance provider for compensation following a car accident. Most people assume their insurance company is on their side. That isn’t the case. Your insurance adjuster doesn’t work for you despite the condolences and friendly banter. They work for a company whose main objective is to resolve claims quickly, offering the most minor compensation possible, saving them time and money.  

Why do you need a lawyer after an accident? It’s because you need someone who works for you and can keep your best interests in mind while resolving your claim. It is seldom to your advantage to accept an initial insurance settlement offer. Securing legal representation means you have an advocate who can manage communication with your insurance company, build a strong claim supporting why you deserve maximum compensation, and tenaciously negotiate for the money you need.

What to Look for in a New York Car Accident Attorney 

There is no shortage of New York law firms looking for clients. From billboards to television commercials, many get thrown at vulnerable car accident victims. How do you know which lawyer is right for you? You need to do your homework. Choosing an experienced and trustworthy attorney to handle your claim can make a world of difference to the outcome of your situation.

What should you look for when choosing a New York City car accident lawyers to work on your claim? Consider the following:  

  • Experience – Experience matters. You want to look for a knowledgeable New York car accident attorney with an extensive track record of handling New York car accident claims. An experienced attorney can navigate the no-fault car insurance industry and the complex New York legal system. Attorneys with experience handling New York car accident claims also understand how to streamline the claim process and achieve the best result possible for their clients. 
  • Results – Do you want to work with an attorney with one successful settlement or an attorney with numerous lucrative settlements and verdicts to their credit? A successful track record demonstrates that an attorney understands the New York legal system and can help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible for your situation. While results are no guarantee of success, they do help establish an attorney’s reputation. 
  • Industry Recognition – An attorney’s reputation is their bread and butter. Peer-recognized attorneys are lawyers whose skills, professionalism, and work ethic elevate them in the eyes of their peers and colleagues. Attorneys with positive recognition from peers and who have been recognized by top industry organizations and publications tend to excel in their field and strive to deliver quality results to their clients. 
  • Communication – Organizing a free case evaluation is an excellent way to evaluate the communication skills of the attorney you want to work with. You want to choose an attorney who is willing and able to communicate with you through every step of the car accident claim process, never leaving you in the dark. Working with an attorney who never returns calls or listens to you when you have concerns can be a frustrating experience. It can also degrade your trust in your attorney, making the attorney-client relationship uncomfortable and leaving you to wonder whether you are getting quality representation.
  • Upfront Pricing Structure – A trustworthy New York car accident attorney should always present you with a transparent and upfront pricing structure. You should never be left guessing what you’ll owe your attorney for their work on your claim. An attorney should readily share their fee structure, explaining whether they work on a contingency fee or hourly basis. They should also be transparent about potential legal and filing fees that may be necessary. 

How Our Attorneys Can Help 

At Finz & Finz, P.C., we are confident that our dedicated New York car accident attorneys can provide you with effective and aggressive legal representation. Our compassionate team takes the time to get to know you, listens to your concerns, and carefully reviews the specific circumstances of your New York car accident. We immediately work on securing valuable evidence to support your claim before it can be lost or destroyed.

We also manage communication between you and the insurer so you have the time and energy to focus on your recovery. We also relentlessly negotiate on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Suppose an insurer is unwilling to settle for the money you deserve or fails to negotiate in good faith. In that case, we swiftly move from the negotiating table into the courtroom, preparing a court case when necessary.

Our experienced car accident attorneys provide sound legal advice and support you and your family during this challenging time. You aren’t a case number. You are a valued member of our community.

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