Hit and Run Accidents: What You Need To Know


Earlier in September, a hit and run driver collided with a skateboarder and offered her assistance. The driver did not stop for an extended time or get out of her car. She did not give her name because she was late picking up her children from day care. Here’s a case where the driver was not drunk or intoxicated, but simply distracted.

Hit and run cases are just that–when a driver hits a person and flees from the scene, causing the authorities to enlist whatever forms they can to try to find out who was driving the vehicle. Hit and run cases are long and laborious, as it could take days, months and even years to find the driver. In this case, the driver did stop initially, but never offered to call police and did not offer any identification. She was on the cell phone at the time she collided with the skateboarder who fell in the road and was later taken to the hospital. Is there a way to protect yourself from a hit and run, and what should you do if it happens to you?

Preventing yourself from a hit and run accident is a bit on the complicated side. We know we’re supposed to be defensive drivers and pedestrians, and we know that drivers of all kinds are more distracted than ever. Remaining defensive ourselves is the best course of action in prevention–being aware of our surroundings and just watching out for others will help keep us safe. But, what happens when you’re hit by someone who flees the scene, whether you are in a car, or taking to the road as a pedestrian? Here’s what you can do:

  • Stay calm. You may be injured in places of your body that are not immediately evident, and that cannot detect initially. Remaining calm will help you when authorities arrive on the scene.
  • Enlist any witnesses who may be on hand, especially those who may have seen the driver or noted the particulars of the incident.
  • If you are able to use a cell phone to take picture of the driver or vehicle as it is fleeing, do your best to do so without causing further injury or damage to yourself.
  • If you have a voice-activated app on your phone, engage it so you can record verbally some of the details of the accident, you’ll want to record details like: what you were doing, where you were when the accident happened, crossroads and location points, what you remember about the driver and, if you are really lucky, the license plate of the vehicle who hit you.

Once you are ready to contact someone you help you with your case, you’ll want a New York attorney who is familiar and experienced with hit and run cases to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Investigating on your own can prove time-consuming, frustrating and confusing, and present complicated situations. Put your trust in the hands of a competent attorney to help resolve your issue.

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