Freak Accidents Usually Caused by Negligence


Five Michigan teenagers, ranging in age from 15-17, are facing significant charges after a man was killed by rocks they were dropping off a highway overpass. The teens insisted it was all intended as a prank, but the local District Attorney is not interested in their excuses. They caused a man’s death, and they will face the appropriate charges. The teenagers are being charged as adults for their malicious actions.

A judge has denied bond for the teenagers. The incident took place on October 19th, 2017, when the five young men dropped at least 20 rocks from an overpass into the traffic below. Cars swerved off the road, pulling over to try to find safety from the deadly objects plummeting from overhead. One vehicle, a van, did not pull over because the driver did not realize what was going on until a six-pound rock crashed through the window, causing significant head trauma to the passenger. The head injury was fatal.

Though this is a particularly extreme example, this type of unsafe behavior by teenagers happens regularly, though on a smaller scale. Teenagers throw rocks, weave their bicycles in and out of traffic, jaywalk, and participate in a number of other actions that put drivers at risk of an accident. Whether intended as a prank or not, actions that put others at risk or harm are not acceptable, and people must be held accountable for them.

If you or someone you love has suffered in an accident caused by another party, be it another driver, a pedestrian, or a kid behaving unsafely, it is important the person who caused the incident to be held accountable. An experienced attorney can help you determine who can be held liable for these actions. Please, retain a skilled lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

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