Finz & Finz, P.C., Attorney Spotlight: Todd Rubin


Since 2004, attorney Todd Rubin has been an active litigator with Finz & Finz, P.C., managing a full docket of serious personal injury cases from inception through trial or settlement, which include the more complicated cases such as drug and device litigation, nursing home negligence, lead paint injuries, wrongful death, and trucking accidents. Todd also collaborates with Senior Partner Stuart Finz on the firm’s highest-exposure cases.

While motivation comes daily for attorneys who succeed in winning cases for their clients, Todd has a stronger motivation when it comes to serving those most in need, such as the elderly. Well-known in the legal profession for many years, Todd has become a strong proponent of the elderly community and doing what he can to assist them to regain their dignity and quality of life. He says, “The people who are the least able to protect themselves are the ones who most need protection.” Skillfully applying the statutes in place in New York to protect residents of nursing homes, he takes an aggressive approach in advocating for victims of nursing home neglect and abuse, who need a fighter on their side.

Todd’s background is varied, although becoming an attorney was a natural career path for him. His father, also a litigator, served as the initial impetus of Todd’s career. When Todd graduated from law school, he worked for a boutique firm in Manhattan, where he defended hundreds of millions of dollars in property claims against an asbestos manufacturer involving various landmark buildings. After that, he was employed in an intellectual property law firm working on complex trademark and patent litigation. Thereafter, he joints a prestigious plaintiffs’ litigation law firm, where Todd honed his skills with significant courtroom experience, motion practice, hearings, and brief writing.

For the past 12 years, Todd has played an intricate role at Finz & Finz, P.C., and has enjoyed a great level of success. As a personal injury attorney at the firm, the rewards are abundant, and Todd enjoys helping clients. “Many of them have been significantly injured, and have had their lives altered as a result. What we can do is give them a significant recovery to get them back on their feet again and help them gain back their independence. Physically they may never be whole again, but at least the financial security we can secure for them can ease the recovery and give them some comfort.”

Todd’s involvement in various legal organizations has spanned his career. His extra time is spent with his wife and daughter. Together the family enjoys downhill skiing, boating, soccer games and the many activities that fill the life of an active 7-year old. Between family time and litigating cases, balancing an active life can be challenging. Todd keeps it real when he sees the betterment of his clients: “We cannot heal their injuries, but we can make sure they are fairly compensated.”

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