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The decision to follow in your family’s professional footsteps can be a difficult one. Do you have a passion for it? Will there be pressure to succeed? Should you go out and pursue your own interests? For Jacquelin Finz, her desire and choice to become a personal injury attorney was something that developed over time, and it is a decision she is very satisfied with. Being able to work with her family is an added bonus.

Becoming an attorney was never part of Jacquelin’s plan. Growing up with a family of lawyers meant there were plenty of conversations about on-going cases and legal strategies. While she admired her parents for their careers, Jackie (as she is known by coworkers and clients) wanted to find her own path in the fashion industry. While obtaining her bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona, Jackie decided to sign up for a pre-law class and take the LSAT exam to attend law school. She realized her interest in the law was greater than she thought, so she changed direction and began studying to become a lawyer.

Even at this point, Jacquelin still had not planned to focus on personal injury. During law school she was drawn to criminal law, but then realized she wanted to help people who did not have the financial means to help themselves after suffering an injury. The type of law she had been surrounded by her entire life was now the type of law she wanted to pursue. Being a personal injury attorney is meaningful to Jacquelin because she has seen first-hand that individuals who have suffered an injury as a result of an accident in a motor vehicle, on the job, or on someone’s property can receive excellent representation from top attorneys without the added burden of having to figure out how to pay for their services.

While some children might want to stay away from working with their parents, Jackie believes it is an asset. Being the third generation in a family of lawyers has provided her the opportunity to learn from her grandfather, former New York State Supreme Court Justice Leonard L. Finz, her father, well recognized trial attorney Stuart L. Finz, and her mother, Finz & Finz, P.C., managing attorney Cheri Einbinder, whom she all calls her role models. She is grateful there are family members with a wealth of knowledge just down the hall who she can go to with questions and ideas. This motivates her to constantly strive to improve her skills as an attorney. According to her father, “Jackie has a natural ability to connect with people and comfort them when they are in need. This, combined with her extraordinary knowledge of the law and skill as an attorney, puts her in high demand by the firm’s clients.”

Jacquelin currently heads the new case intake department for the firm’s negligence cases and works diligently with clients and insurance companies to obtain fast and favorable settlements. She is also part of the trial preparation team and finds it rewarding helping the firm’s clients take on big companies and property owners who try to deflect their responsibility. Jackie is frequently in the courthouses throughout the five boroughs and Long Island, and her future goal is to have an even greater presence in court.

Jacquelin Finz may not have planned to become a personal injury attorney at Finz & Finz, P.C., but she is certainly proud to be here. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her job, along with her personal connection to clients, is the rewarding experience she was searching for all along.

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