Family Reunions: Protecting Your Family at the Yearly Gathering


We’re right in the thick of summertime activity with vacations and upcoming family reunions. That means taking to the road and the air to get to our destinations quickly so we can enjoy as much time as possible with extended family and friends. Other than the joy we experience from being with friends and family, family reunions bring out a different side of ourselves when we encounter adventures that we wouldn’t do in our every day lives. Here are some of the recreational events that might occur at a family reunion:

  • Use of ATVs and other recreational vehicles: The need to bond over physical activity is strong when family reunions and vacations take place. We rent toys and vehicles that we don’t have in our own backyard, and we’re not familiar with how to operate them. Think twice before jumping on.
  • Alcohol and drugs. Whether you imbibe or not, you might find that alcohol and recreational drugs are a part of your family reunion. Be sure to drink responsibly, don’t allow anyone underage to drink and never allow anyone who has been drinking or driving behind the wheel of a car or other moving vehicle.
  • Boating and other water sports. Just as with other recreational vehicles, families rent houseboats, motor boats and speedboats over the summer on larger lakes where extended stays are enticing. But, how many people are really experienced or licensed to operate these vehicles?
  • Elder family members. The joy of family reunions comes from seeing the matriarchs and patriarchs who have provided for other family members over time. With age, however, comes a lack of reflexes and stability. Help those elders when you can.
  • Activities for the kids. Make sure all activities are age-appropriate and that cautions and proper guidelines are implemented when setting up and using the jumpy castle and other toys.
  • Lawn equipment. Family reunions mean readying the yard for multiple visitors. Make sure all kids are out of the way when using lawnmowers and other equipment that could be dangerous.
  • Home repairs. Getting the house ready for family members means that repairs may be on the schedule. Be sure that areas under repair have posted warnings, and that there are no loose banisters or railings.

If you have been injured while at the home of a relative during your family reunion or vacation, it may be difficult to determine who was at fault, especially if you do not want to cause conflict within your family. You maybe due some compensation, however, depending on whether there was a misuse of a product, inadequate protection from an dangerous area, or accident caused by someone else. Your New York attorney will help you determine the best place to start.

Family reunions are happy times for the young and old, and should never be the scene of an accident or injury. When an accident does happen, however, make sure you are in the best hands for taking care of you and your family for years to come.

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