Falling Tree Injures 7-Year-Old Girl in Brooklyn, NY

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The trees on New York’s sidewalks and public spaces provide the city with some much-needed greenery. However, trees can also cause severe injuries and significant property damage when they fall. A 7-year-old girl in Brooklyn recently suffered major injuries when a tree fell on her. This was at least the third incident of injuries from falling trees in NYC in just two weeks — two of which were fatal.

How a Tree Fell on a 7-Year-Old Girl in Brooklyn

According to NBC New York, the tree fell on the girl while she was walking with her mother in the Kensington neighborhood. Emergency responders had to move the tree off of the girl before they could treat her. They then took her to an area hospital with a leg injury.

Along with the young girl’s injuries, the tree damaged at least three cars as it fell. Reports indicate the tree was on private property. There is still no official explanation for why the tree fell.

What Are the Common Causes of Trees or Branches Collapsing?

Some common causes of tree and branch collapses in New York include:

  • Not pruning the tree– When trees are not maintained and pruned, they can become overgrown and make a collapse more likely. Dead branches also add to the weight of a tree but do not provide much support. Pruning a tree’s dead and overgrown branches prevents them from falling on pedestrians or nearby vehicles.
  • Improper planting – If a tree is not planted correctly, the roots may never take hold as they should. Without a strong support structure, a tree collapse is much more likely.
  • Weak roots– Trees need regular watering and maintenance to stay healthy. If a tree’s needs are not met, it can start to wither and has an increased chance of collapsing.
  • Weather – Bad weather conditions weaken the tree’s support structure and make a collapse more likely. Wind, rain, snow, and ice can all damage a tree’s roots and branches. Strong winds and other weather can also tear limbs off a tree, knocking down branches onto people and property below.

Who Is Responsible for Maintaining New York City’s Trees?

Trees on private property must be maintained by the property’s owner. However, trees on public streets and other common areas are the responsibility of the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Trees should be maintained by the contractor who planted them for the first two years. At this point, the Forestry Division in a particular borough takes over care and maintenance. If a falling tree injures you, a personal injury attorney can investigate the situation and tell you who is responsible for your injuries.

Common Injuries from Falling Trees and Branches

Collapsing trees and falling branches in New York can cause severe injuries, including:

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