Environmental Move To Limit Congestion May Also Lessen Accident Risk


Seeking to address environmental concerns of their constituents, the New York State Legislature passed a budget including a provision requiring congestion pricing in New York City, where any vehicles entering Lower Manhattan must pay an additional fee. Lower Manhattan is among the heaviest trafficked neighborhoods in the world. The new fee would go into effect in 2020.

Though implemented in large part to lower carbon emissions with a goal of addressing climate change, this new requirement might also have a pronounced effect on the total traffic in the area, as some people are unwilling to pay the premium to drive their car in Lower Manhattan. High traffic areas tend to have higher incidences of traffic accidents, and fewer vehicles in the area should lower the number of injuries and fatalities in the neighborhood.

The details, including the precise amount to be paid and what exact provisions will be adopted to minimize the impact on low income New Yorkers, are still being worked out. But the determination has already been made to use the funds to address myriad problems with the city subway system.

As mass transit improves, more and more commuters will be able to stop using their cars and start using the subway. This will also relieve some of the traffic congestion, further helping to minimize the amount of accidents. The city subway system is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades, but the necessary funds to do so have been hard to come by.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car or truck accident, you are well aware that the more drivers are on the road, the more dangerous drivers are to be found. Please consider consulting with an experienced attorney regarding your case, and hold the other driver responsible for their reckless behavior.

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