Drunk and Disorderly: When Driving is Not in the Equation


When we think of intoxicated behavior, many of us think of drunk driving or driving under the influence of other drugs and substances. But, drunken behavior does not occur only behind the wheel. Many people have been injured or died as a result of drunk and disorderly behavior from people in restaurants, stores, and drinking establishments, even when the victim was not a direct part of the action.

In Arizona, a passerby was injured when a group of drunken sports fans were involved in a brawl inside the bar. One fighter threw a chair at someone which ended up missing his target and flew over the balcony to the ground two stories below, seriously injuring the woman who was walking by a the time. The woman had been taking part in routine holiday activities that occurred annually in that town. Others have had furniture thrown at them, slipped and fallen in spilled beverages, and taken a bullet to the body, all from those who have been drinking and partying. Apparently, defensive driving is not the only thing we have to worry about after a night on the town.

When we visit our favorite restaurants and taverns, we assume everyone is responsible for themselves, and that we will not be involved in any activity that does not concern us. What we can’t control are the behaviors of those around us who may not be keeping tabs on their alcohol consumption. What can you do to make sure you are not in the line of fire when an incident occurs at your favorite eating establishment?

  • If you witness a group of partiers that becomes out of control to the point of potential danger, alert the bartender or manager right away.
  • If you are in a location where a fight is taking place, stay well out of the way in case flying objects come in your direction.
  • Refrain from taking part in any conversation or activity that does not involve you.
  • Leave before it is too late. Too often, accidents and injuries occur after hours when tensions are high and inebriation has taken place over many hours.

Injuries from accidents like the one above can cause permanent physical injury, loss of work and loss of wages. Protecting yourself while you are out having a good time is not always on your mind when you need a break from the routine work day. But, there are ways to stay safe so that there will be many more enjoyable times to come.

If you or someone you know has been injured by the misbehavior or negligence of someone else’s actions, a personal injury lawsuit is in your future. Seek the advice of a renowned personal injury law firm to help you settle quickly and effectively.

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