Distracted Walkers Pose Risk to Others


Distracted driving is finally starting to be discussed as a major danger to communities. People are finally starting to notice that distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. This is a major breakthrough, as more states, cities, and communities look at laws to address this troubling trend.

But for all the publicity distracted driving is finally getting, almost no one is paying attention to distracted walking. Though in many ways less dangerous than distracted driving, as a pedestrian is not behind the wheel of a two ton vehicle, distracted walking does pose major risks, as was made clear by the recent death of a young man who walked off a cliff while texting.

A blog on the New York Times website is drawing some attention to the problem, but distracted walking remains too common. Possible accidents that could occur due to distracted walking include:

  • Tripping or walking into another pedestrian, resulting in a falling injury
  • Wandering in front of a car or other vehicle, resulting in a car accident
  • Falling while walking down stairs, using an escalator, or boarding a subway or bus

Injuries due to distracted walking are potentially serious, especially if a pedestrian causes a car accident due to their negligence, or if the individual falls down stairs or from a significant height. Car accidents due to distracted walking are on the rise (especially in bigger cities), and frequently the pedestrian isn’t hurt but the driver bears the brunt of the impact after swerving to avoid the distracted walker.

If you or someone you else has been injured or killed due to another person’s distracted walking, please retain an experienced attorney. The only way society will start to appreciate just how may dangers are posed by distracted walking.

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