Determining What Fails in Hip Implant Devices


When searching online for information on the Stryker V40 Femoral Head, most people will be wanting to learn more about the dangers posed to patients by the product line after a disproportionate number of implant recipients suffered significant side effects. Unfortunately, people are as likely to be inundated with data on the market performance of the company as with useful medical information when doing an internet search.

Though access to capital markets is key for many companies being able to secure funding for important medical research, an over-emphasis on profit chasing to increase valuation can have a negative effect on businesses. Because in many cases investors are looking only at the bottom line, companies may feel pressured to rush unsafe products to market.

The Stryker V40 Femoral Head is a perfect example of an unsafe product. The V40 was not on the market long before it was associated with an alarming number of problems, including component breakdown that resulted in metal debris being left in the joint. When product breakdown like this occurs, it is almost always the result of either faulty design or the use of subpar materials.

It is impossible to know how much profit margin and market performance influence decisions without access to important documents and internal communications from company executives and other decision makers. Still, it seems reasonable to assume that market performance is a factor in choosing what products to push at any given time.

If you or someone you love has suffered after receiving a hip implant, determining what went wrong is important. Whether the breakdown was caused by faulty manufacturing or subpar materials, holding the company accountable is important. Please consider consulting with an experienced lawyer about the details of your case.

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