Defects Apparent in Boston Rail Locomotives


Twenty percent of locomotives for Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority could be sidelined for an undetermined length of time due to defects in their engines. This is not the first time a significant amount of locomotives have been out of use due to defect. In late 2015 a large number of faulty motor bearings cost taxpayers 222 million.

The latest delay in necessary upgrades must be galling to locals, who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the project only to encounter significant problems on a regular basis. But the money is not the scariest part of these issues.

Engine issues pose significant risks for the entire system, as any breakdown in a locomotive engine could result in a major accident. The fact that it took years to identify that twenty percent of the engines have significant defects is terrifying. Any of these engines could have failed at any time. Even if this hadn’t caused a derailment, the sudden stopping of the engine and the cars would likely have resulted in dozens if not hundreds of injuries.

Boston is certainly not the only major metropolitan area that fails to notice major risk factors with commuter transport. New York City and Washington DC have struggled with their subway systems for years, possibly putting commuters at risk. Unfortunately, many of these defects are not discovered until an investigation takes place after the accident has occurred.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a train or mass transit accident, determining the cause of the accident is important. The accident could have been caused by operator error, or a manufacturing defect in the locomotive, or any of a number of other problems. An experienced attorney can guide you through the investigation, making sure your rights are not violated and that you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled to your injuries.

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