Deep Fried Turkey a Delicious Danger


For those without access to an oven, or who believe a juicier but crispier bird is obtainable through alternate methods, deep frying a turkey can be a Thanksgiving tradition. The method is relatively simple. You clean out the giblets and other extraneous parts, make sure the bird is properly thawed, and then use a deep fryer sufficiently large to house your meal.

The big difference between oven-cooking a turkey and deep frying one is that deep frying is much more likely to result in injury to the cook or others in the area. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the central reason is that boiling hot oil is a huge injury risk in and of itself.

In some cases, what seems like a small oversight can quickly balloon into a major problem. Properly thawing turkey is always a good idea, as it helps limit the risk of food borne illness. But failure to thaw a turkey that will be deep fried carried additional risks, some of which are explosive.

Oil and water do not mix, and a turkey that is still frozen will release water into the boiling oil as it quickly thaws. This can cause the oil to bubble over, which is an instant burn risk for anyone in the area. And if the oil ignites a heat source in the area, the fire can spread quickly.

Because of these risks, it is important to keep guests away from the frying area, particularly children. It is also important to minimize the presence of animals in the area. Failure to properly control the cooking area drastically increases the risk of a preventable accident occurring.

If you are at an event where a turkey is being deep fried, you might be at risk if you or the host is not sufficiently careful. If you or someone you love is injured in a cooking incident, determining whether or not proper safety protocols were followed is important. Please consult with an experienced attorney regarding your case.

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