Construction Workers Should be Made Aware of Higher Voltage Wiring


For those who work in the construction industry, semi-exposed wiring is a common sight. Though all electrical lines should be properly sheathed or in conduit, wiring tends to be everywhere in a building under construction. Until the insulation goes in and the sheet rock goes up, there is always a risk of accidentally touching unexpectedly exposed wires.

Though all wiring is dangerous, there is a distinction between the lines leading to regular outlets and those that power higher voltage appliances. The distinction is usually clear from the color of the sheathing, but the sheathing is not always visible. Contractors should take care to make sure everyone working on the building is aware of higher voltage lines.

Dedicated, higher voltage lines are used for a number of power purposes, including:

  • Clothes dryers
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Outdoor features including Jacuzzis and hot tubs

Different houses and buildings will have different power requirements. Workshops and factories will require more high voltage lines to be run, as will homes where the person intends to use special equipment such as certain power tools and compressors. As part of the process of training the crew for a new job, going over the electrical plans is important.

Another important aspect of proper training is making sure workers know what is within their skill set. Electrical wiring should be left to licensed electricians who know how to safely interact with wiring and outlets. Workers should never be pressured to work on electrical lines without proper training and licensing.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an electrocution accident, determining whether or not proper safety protocols were in place and followed is important. Please reach out to an experienced attorney regarding your case, and hold the company or contractor responsible for any corners that were cut.

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