Construction Accidents Occur in All Environments


Movie magic doesn’t prevent significant injury or even death when an accident occurs. And movie magic is no protection against inadequate safety measures, as proved by an April 4th incident at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta that left one worker dead.

The worker was helping construct a warehouse on the massive studio lot when he fell from a significant height. Initial interviews with other workers indicated he was not wearing a safety harness, which should always be employed when a worker is exposed to a falling risk, particularly in an interior location.

Pinewood Studios is currently the filming location for Avengers: Infinity War, which could break box office records when it is released next year. The fact that such a major player in the movie industry would allow insufficient safety measures to take place is very concerning. It is likely similar corners are being cut at other worksites all around the country.

Knowing and following proper safety protocol is an important part of the construction business. Construction accidents are far too common, affecting thousands of workers a year, but this number can be drastically reduced if all parties put workplace safety first. There is never a reason to risk the life or health of a worker just to finish a project a little faster, or to save a little money. OSHA is still investigating the incident at Pinewood Studios to see if proper safety protocols were usually followed, or if this incident was the result of major systemic failures.

If you or someone you love has worked construction, it is likely you have been asked to perform job duties without the proper safety equipment and training. Too many contractors are willing to put their employees at risk. Please, if you have been injured, contact an experienced lawyer to help you push for the compensation to which you are entitled.

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