Chemotherapy Overprescribed for Breast Cancer Patients


First the good news. Recently released research indicates that 70 percent of women prescribed chemotherapy under previous guidelines do not require the dangerous and potentially deadly treatment. By utilizing blood tests and biomarkers, doctors are able to predict the risk of recurrence, and will no longer recommend chemotherapy for women who are unlikely to relapse.

Now the bad news. For dozens of years, doctors have subjected thousands of women to unnecessary chemotherapy based on incomplete research, causing significant side effects and wasting millions of dollars without clear proof that the treatment improved the long-term prognosis for the vast majority of women. Despite a mandate to do no harm, doctors continually placed the health of women at risk.

Though missed diagnoses are the biggest risk to breast cancer patients, subjecting people to unnecessary treatments is a massive breach of doctor-patient trust. Every treatment carries a risk of side effects, and the side effects of chemotherapy are particularly noteworthy.

Though some of these side effects, such as nausea and constipation, carry little long-term risk, chemotherapy suppresses the immune system, which can increase the likelihood of contracting a host of debilitating and deadly diseases. Chemotherapy also increases the risk of anemia, which can result in a variety of complications, and damage to the digestive system, resulting in nutrient malabsorption and other potentially major health issues.

If you or someone you love has suffered due to a missed diagnosis of breast cancer, or has suffered due to an overly aggressive treatment regimen, it is important to pursue the truth as far as you can. Consider consulting with a qualified attorney about your case. An experienced lawyer can help you get the answers and compensation you are entitled to for your suffering.

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