Chemical Spills in the Home and Workplace


What is so unique about a chemical or toxic spill? This type of incident happens all the time, even though we might not hear about it in the news. At home, you think you have your home repair or maintenance under control when working with pesticides or other chemicals. You wear safety goggles and all the right clothing, and you read the instructions for proper usage. But, what you don’t plan for is when the container tips over because you did not see it behind you, or you inadvertently spray an area of your skin or clothing. Now what?

Chemical spills and exposures are dangerous in all forms, from the liquid that is spilled to the vapors that rise into the air creating toxic fumes. A chemical is a hazardous substance that harms the environment or one’s health. Hazardous materials could be explosive, corrosive, combustible or flammable—a deadly combination no matter how you look at it. Taking extra special care when dealing with chemicals is a must. Many chemical accidents occur when someone doesn’t see the container or it is placed on a non-level surface, or the container is too heavy to transport and is spilled while carrying it. While it may take years before changes in particular chemicals by the manufacturer become the norm, it pays to take special care when you are around chemicals of any type. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Vacate the area immediately whenever there is a chemical spill.
  • Never attempt to clean up the spill yourself. You could easily reach for rags or towels with other substances on them, or use a product that will disintegrate or combust.
  • Call 9-1-1 so they can alert the hazardous material team to take care of the spill.
  • Remove any contaminated clothing immediately.
  • If you are near a wash station, be sure to wash all parts of your body immediately.

The best way to stay safe is to call the authorities, or have a professional work with the chemicals rather than taking the task on yourself. We all think we can do everything when it comes to home maintenance, but there are many tasks better left to the professionals who have all the proper gear and supplies necessary in case of a mishap.

If you have bee injured in a chemical related spill or accident, a New York law firm renowned for solving personal injury cases is your best bet for starting the path toward resolution.

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