Cancelled Flights May Increase Traffic


The Boeing 737 Max was a major part of many airline fleets, with tens of thousands of the planes in service across the country. After a deadly accident and terrifying near-misses, an evaluation of the 737 Max revealed design flaws that left the pilot unable to navigate the plane in certain situations. This fundamental issue required the planes to be grounded in many countries.

Thousands of flights were canceled over the summer, causing difficulties for hundreds of families and couples looking to vacation. Though in many cases the vacation plans had to be canceled, if the destination was close enough the families might have opted into driving to still achieve their dream destination. In other cases, people changed plans entirely, choosing vacations in driving distance of home.

Fewer flights and more people driving for vacation has the byproduct of increasing traffic in places that are more reachable by car. Though distant vacations may have seen less traffic than usual, vehicle friendly vacations could be overwhelmed. Heavier traffic is associated with increased road rage and dangerous driving maneuvers.

Determining the extent to which grounded flights may have contributed to additional traffic could be difficult, and extrapolating out how many additional car or truck accidents happened due to canceled flights is even more difficult. Still, it stands to reason that fewer flights increased traffic, and that increased traffic increased collisions.

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