Bus Accidents in the Big City


Thirty-six hours is not a particularly long time. There are times when it seems like thirty-six hours takes forever to pass, but for the most part a day and a half can slip by with us barely noticing. A couple shifts of work, or a day of school, and time gets away. Thirty-six hours is not a long time, but that is how long passes between bus accidents in the city of Chicago.

A recent investigative report by the local Chicago ABC affiliate reveals that accidents on the bus system are much more common than people have been led to believe. In fact:

  • An accident occurs on the CTA line every 36 hours
  • In a large percentage of these accidents, the bus driver is at fault
  • Close to 500 people are injured on buses in just one year in just this one city

From these numbers, it is clear that Chicago has a transit accident problem. Yet Chicago is also home to one of the largest commuter trains in the country. Other cities with fewer transit options also have a high incidence of bus accidents and injuries, and have a higher percentage of commuters using the bus because trains are not available.

Cities owe it to their citizens to keep mass transit safe, yet often little is done to make sure the drivers and the buses are safe. Maintenance is deferred, or there is no follow-up when reports are made of unsafe driving. Five-hundred people are injured, but it takes an investigative report by the local news to uncover the fact.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, or know someone who has been injured, know that you are not alone. Bus accidents are extremely common in many areas, and nothing is done to prevent them from happening until someone stands up and forces the issue. Please contact an experienced attorney to help you fight the system that continues to put people at risk on a daily basis.

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